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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Minimal Christianity

There is no secret that North American Christianity is in trouble. White the causes for that are many and far beyond the scope of this blog to decipher, let me focus today on one observation.

I note that we seem to be caught up in a cycle of what I am calling minimal Christianity. Run with me here ... it seems to me that we Christians worry more about what the minimum is that we can get away with and still say we are good Christians in the eyes of God. What is the minimum amount of money we can give to our churches? What is the minimum number of Bible verses we can read and still be good? What is the minimum amount of time we can spend at church? and so on it goes ...

We want to be right in the eyes of God but we don't want to be bothered by God. We want to do what is right but we don't want to be inconvenienced. So we try to find the minimum about of effort we have to put into being a Christian. We balance our lives trying to do just what we need to do to get by.

Then we stand aghast at the condition of the church. Evil seems to be gaining. There seems to be little spiritual discernment. No one seems to care. And we wonder why.


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