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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A Horrendous Number

150,000 dead in Haiti! The number staggers the imagination. An earthquake struck the island nation and in the space of a few minutes hundreds of thousands of people were left dead and dying. Many died immediately and many others lingered for days before losing their lives. The destruction has rallied the world to respond. But we find ourselves horrified by the almost unimaginable number ... 150,000 dead. The number staggers and numbs us. We are repulsed by the videos of bodies piled in the streets and of the mass graves where nameless Haitians will be finally buried with nothing to mark their passing. Staggered, numbed, repulsed ... and well we should be. It is good to do all we can to relieve the suffering of the survivors and to remembers the victims.

But there are other victims of other tragedies that are forgotten far too easily and we forget them every day.

I heard another number recently. It staggers the imagination just as much as the numbers coming from Haiti. I found out recently that 130,000 babies a day are aborted by the abortion industry worldwide ... every day. Every single day 130,000 babies lose their lives to the whims and convenience of people who get rich peddling death as a way of social improvement. Every single day. One hundred and thirty thousand. Wrap your mind around that ... every day. America accounts for 3,000 of that number ... every single day.

The number of dead from Haiti is a horrendous number. There is no disputing that fact. But just as horrendous, if not more so, are the number of babies killed ... butchered ... murdered ... every single day.

130,000 every day ... that is a horrendous number ... may God have mercy on us all ...


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