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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Beware the Magic Word Syndrome

I take it as a given that a thing can be said in two different ways and yet say the same thing.

I also take it as a given that we Christians are humans who are yet to be gloried in heaven and thus, we are still fighting our depravity. See Paul in Romans 7 where he says he finds two laws in his members. One of those laws is always trying to lead us to sin.

One of the results of that is what I call the magic word syndrome. Basically that is when a Christian questions the doctrine or the salvation of another Christian because that second Christian does not explain or articulate his or her doctrine the same way as the first. In other words, if you don't say it the way I like to hear it, I question whether or not you are saved. This syndrome manifests itself in various ways. You need to use the right phrase, or word(s) or quote the right quote or so on. But the result is always the same. If I don't hear it the way I like to hear it, you are on my "suspect list."

Our Lord Jesus prayed for the unity of His people. The very fact that believers are indwelt by the Holy Spirit demands the unity of believers. The Holy Spirit living in me calls out to the Holy Spirit living in you and binds us closer together than we are to our blood kin. Also, Christians today have more than enough enemies both inside and outside the Church that we don't need to go looking for friends to ostracize.

Beloved, beware the magic word. There are many who bow the knee to the Lord Jesus just as we do and yet, may explain it differently. We stand shoulder to shoulder with all true believers in the Lord Jesus. As we stand with our brothers and sisters in Jesus there are many things that come against us and against our Lord. Let's not let the magic word be one of them. It is wrong and it is sinful. And that is a place no Christian ought to go.


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