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Friday, November 16, 2007


Since the beginning of the war with Iraq, 3867 American troops have lost their lives. This number is a troubling number. Anytime even a single U.S. soldier, sailor, airman, or marine is lost, it should trouble us. In Congress as well as statehouses across the nation, people are rallying for ways to bring an end to the Iraqi conflict and bring our brave troops home to their families. It is good and right that we try to do so. As Christians we desire peace over conflict. And as we honor our men and women (and their families) who sacrifice so much to keep us safe in our homes, it is right that we try to shorten the conflict that keeps them away from their homes. It is good to see people debating, arguing, and searching diligently to bring these honored troops home.

But even more troubling is that in the same time period as our 3,867 brave American heroes were sacrificing their lives, 5,997,395 American children lost their lives to the war on our children called abortion. But I am not hearing any great outcry. There is no debate, arguing, or searching out ways to bring this wanton destruction of human life to an end. That is because the pro-abortionists have distracted us with terminology like calling the fetus "fetal tissue matter" or some other such phrase. They make it sound like you are having your appendix removed. And our courts tell us it is a woman's Constitutional right to kill her baby. When a young man or woman signs up to serve their country, they know the risks they will have to take. But a baby in the womb knows nothing of the risk of having their brains sucked out, or being torn limb from limb and pulled out of their mother's womb, or of being flooded with a saline solution that will burn the flesh off their bodies as though they were in an acid bath. No, all they did was to be conceived in a nation that silently kills millions every year.

And that disturbs me ... a lot.


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