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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Is It All About Me?

Back when I was a lot younger, I remember Burger King told us we could have it "our way." Now, a country singer sings about wanting to "talk about me," and other products and services try to do all they can to make things all about you. The whole culture works against true, biblical theology.

Yet, many in the Church today have bought into this antichrist theology. Prosperity theology teaches that Christ died to make you happy, wealthy and healthy. We are told that with the right kind of faith God is bound to answer your every "positive confession." In the doctrine of salvation many churches teach that Jesus died to make salvation possible to every one who wants it. In other words, Jesus died to actually save no one, but to make it possible for people to save themselves if they choose to. It is more of the theology of me-ism.

Churches today plan their services in a way to cater to the wants and wishes of the people, regardless of biblical theology. Indeed, many preachers have gone so far as to change the message of the Bible if it is deemed to be embarrassing or offensive. The theology of me is everywhere.

This kind of theology is called "anthropocentric theology." That is a fancy word for "man-centered" theology. It seems we (collectively) have forgotten one extremely important point. It is not all about me. It is, in truth, all about God. We need to once again recapture a "theocentric theology." Of course, you know by now that means "God centered" theology. The great Baptist preacher Charles Spurgeon once said that the truth of any doctrine can be measured by how much it exalts God and debases man. This kind of thinking is foreign to Christians in our day and age. The idea of debasing men seems false and insulting to us. Yet, the Bible teaches that we are depraved people and have no godly impulses apart from God giving them to us.

The first commandment God gave to Moses, written with the very finger of God Himself, is that "I am the Lord thy God which brought thee out of the land of Egypt. Thou shalt have no other gods before me." It really is all about God.

In your church, in your worship, in your life, measure everything, every teaching, every song, by how it exalts God. Turn away from those things that seem to make God more like you and me. In the end, be a true worshipper of God (in Spirit and in truth). Make it all about God.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gret entry John and yes so many of today's churches are focusing on a man centered worship when all of creation and all of His Word points to the Creator, God manifested in the flesh being the center and total focus of our being.

This you tube video which I have on my blog highlights it all. Check it out.
I Exalt Me

Take Care Spurge


5:59 AM  

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