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Monday, June 18, 2007

Don't Waste Your Life

John Piper wrote an excellent book by the same title but in this post I do not want to go into Piper's book. I have something else in mind. I just want to remind my readers of a few important truths.

Scripture tells us, in the book of James, that we are not guaranteed to live to see tomorrow. James says that is we say "Next week or next month we will do such and such a thing" then we are living in presumption. We are presuming that we will be here on the earth to do those things. Instead, he says, we ought to say "If the Lord wills we will do such and such a thing." God has our days numbered and if He wills that we are here in the future then we can do those things we plan to. However, we are finite, limited humans and we do have the knowledge or the foresight of God. Any one of us could die tonight and never see the sun rise tomorrow.

If we live in the knowledge of our mortality we will learn to live our lives with meaning. Just think that every act you commit might be your last. The words you speak to your wife, husband or children may be the last they ever hear from you. Every kiss may be your last. Every sunrise, every job you do. Beloved, don't waste your life. Savor your life, every moment. Make each day count for time and for eternity. Live in a way that, if you had to face Jesus tonight, you would not be ashamed of what you were doing when the final moment came.

Remember this biblical truth .. that it is appointed unto men to die once and after this, the judgment. The moment of your physical death seals your eternal destiny. If you're not in Christ then don't wait any longer. Look to Jesus, the one who died in place of sinners. Believe that he is the God-man come from heaven to die in your place for your sins and that his death has cleansed you from your sins. Turn from your sinfulness, believe on your savior and be saved from the judgment of God that is coming. If you are in Christ already then remember that your friends and your neighbors will also die one day. And everyone who dies outside of Jesus will face the judgment of God and be lost eternally. Don't waste your life and ignore the call to share the gospel message with all who will hear you. Who knows what sinner the Lord may call to himself through your testimony?

Beloved, make every minute count. Because once a second, or a minute, or an hour, or a day is past, it is gone and you can never get that time back again. I think one of the greatest regrets we are going to have is to see our lives played out for us and see all the wasted minutes of our lives. Will you resolve with me, to NOT let that be our story? Lives filled with wasted minutes, or wasted days? Will you resolve with me to work, as God wills, to make our lives count? Will you?


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