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Thursday, October 11, 2007

From Glory to Glory ...

2 Corinthians 3:18 says that the Spirit of God is at work changing us from glory to glory. That picture goes back to the old Testament where Moses would go into the presence of God. When he would return to the people, his face would shine with the glory of God ... God was reflected in Moses' face. But the longer Moses went without being in the presence of God, the glory would fade. So Moses would wear a veil over his face so that the people would not see the glory fading.

But that is not the story of New Testament saints. The glory of God in us shines brighter and brighter as we go. That means God is at work in us making into the image of Christ, growing more and more like him as we go. In short, we keep on moving upward.

Since we are supposed to be moving upward, we move towards God. You see my friends, Christianity is supposed to bring out the best in us. It causes us to look up and aspire to high and lofty ideals. Being in Christ is supposed to make us the best of what we are supposed to be.

Where Christians are at, money should be safe. So should people. The victims find an advocate. The attacked find defenders. Employers ought to find honest employees, and customers ought to know they are being dealt with honestly. When a Christian is around, people should know that there is someone there who will do the right thing.

Above all, we ought to be known for our love to our Christian brothers and sisters. This is the defining mark of the Christian, his or her love for the people of God.

Why do I bring this up? Because more often than not, we are not known for our high and lofty ideals and behavior. We are much more like the reprobate than the saints. We should be better.

As much as I hate bumper sticker theology, you know ... those slogans that people can quote that seems to be the depth of all their Christian knowledge ... I remember the one that says the only hope for the world is Jesus. Why is Jesus the only hope for the world? Because where Jesus is at, there is truth, justice, honesty, peace, and all the goodness that is the very best of humanity. We need to remember that, and to remember that a place ought to be a better place because there are Christians there. Make the place you are a better place. Be the presence of Christ where you are at. Remember, press on from glory to glory.

If we ARE the light of the world and the presence of Christ .. then we need to BE it ... more and more.


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