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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Something Worth Thinking About

I read a quote about the current church's most pressing need. As much as I love doctrine and theology, I agree with the writer who was quoted that the most pressing need of the Church right now is more holy people. Now, I do not necessarily mean more people in terms of numbers. I mean people who are more holy.

Among us Southern Baptists, we fought the battle of the Bible. We claim again to be a people of the Book. We can lay claim to being Bible believing people once again.

There is a new interest in theology and in church history (which is corresponding to an increase in the numbers of people who claim to hold to the doctrines of sovereign grace). This new interest in theology has believers pulling out their Bibles and talking about once again about the meaning of the text.

In many ways, we look good on paper. Now, when I say "we", I am speaking of Southern Baptists, although I could be speaking of Evangelical Protestant Christians as a whole. Yes, we look good on paper. But in many ways, if we looked hard at ourselves, we would admit that we are like the whited sepulchers Jesus spoke of. All clean on the outside and inside full of dead men's bones.

The need of our day are people who (hear me here) not only live out the Christian faith outwardly, but are completely, radically, fully converted to the Christian faith on the inside too. We need people who are "holy people." I am talking about people who are set apart for God. People who are set apart to God.

I remember a sermon once by John Piper and in it he asked about the ambiance of one's life. He meant the flavor or the fragrance of one's lifestyle. Today's Church needs people who are intrinsically holy. People whose lifestyle flavor tastes like God. People whose lives give off the fragrance of holiness. We need holy people.

It is easy to play like a Christian. It is much harder to be a Christian. In 2008, let us all resolve to be a holy people. God's people.


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