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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Believe ...

Here is my confession. I don't know much, but these are the things I know and put my hope in for life and the life to come.

I confess I have a vision of what a church and what a Christian ought to be like. My vision is based on what I believe a great, sovereign miracle working God can do. Let me share a few things with you ...

I believe that God is God, that His will is reality in heaven and on earth and that no one nor nothing can stop His mighty power when He sends it forth.

I believe He is holy and that there is no darkness nor shadow of darkness in Him at all.

I believe man is far, far beneath God.

I believe man is utterly lost and without hope in his sin, dead to the things of God and a slave to every thing that works against the holiness of the Almighty Majesty.

I believe there is no bottom to how low man can see himself when he is compared to the Infinite, Majestic, Almighty, Most High God.

I believe every single jot and tittle in the Bible is the God inspired Word of God given through the minds and pens of His inspired writers, to men.

I believe that if man is going to be saved (from the coming wrath of God) that it must be God that saves him.

I believe salvation is a life changing encounter between a helpless and dead sinner and the Sovereign King of Life.

I believe the gospel is the only hope of humanity, in this life or the next. It has power to change the lives of those who believe it's message.

I believe God has called me to be faithful to scatter the seed of the word of God far and wide, to everywhere I can. The results, who gets saved, is in His hands.

I believe in a church where truth is believed and Christians accept and love one another in genuine holy affections just as the Bible teaches us.

I believe none of us are sinless but that we can learn from Christ and learn to live well as Christians, in the church and in the world.

I believe the God who lives in us all (all of us Christians) walks and talks with us and points us to the Holy Scriptures, which is His true voice to men.

I believe Jesus will one day return to gather all His people to Himself, so that we can spend eternity with Him, where He is.

I believe prayer first and foremost changes us, but that, in the mystery of prayer, it pleases God to answer the prayers of His children.

I believe it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God.

I believe (again) that this world's only hope is the good news of salvation and reconciliation with God through saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

These things I believe. Amen.


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