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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Since my last post I have been extremely busy.

First, my son came down from North Dakota for a visit. It was a good time. I had not seen him in nearly three years. Mostly we were separated by distance and the ability to afford to visit each other. Today, the day this posts, it is his birthday. He is 21 years old now. He told me he joined the Army National Guard. Nutcase. At least I had the good sense to join the Air Force. Oh well. But don't be fooled. I am proud of him. Just surprised. His visit was too brief. But we hope to do better at seeing each other as the future unfolds, God willing.

On a side note, last Friday was his sister's birthday. My daughter turned 20. It was odd. She was born two days before Stephen's first birthday. So, for two days of the year, they are the same age. On Friday, they were both 20. Same on Saturday. Then on Sunday, Stephen turned 21. Now I have no children who are in their teens anymore. Wow. Paradigm shift here.

I have been working through the application process and late last month was notified that I have been accepted into the PhD program in Christian Education at Whitefield Theological Seminary. One former student described the program as read - read - read then write -write -write. As I look over the material they sent me, I can see why. I will produce hundreds of pages of material before I ever get to my dissertation. I look forward to the challenge.

On top of that I have been mentoring a young woman who is preparing for her GED test. Her test date is July 11th. We still have a lot to do but I am optimistic she will pass.

Now, my mother has come down from St. Louis to visit me for two weeks. She takes a lot of attention but we are still having a good visit.

So, there is a great deal going on. Be patient my friends, I will be back blogging soon. I just need to let my schedule settle down and see how it will all shake out in practice. God be with you all.


Blogger Oshutterup said...

Congratualtions on being accepted into the PhD program! :)

5:11 PM  
Blogger Baptist Girl said...

Congratualtions John.

3:40 PM  

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