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Monday, January 03, 2011

The Turn of the Year ...

I like the start of a new year. It is like a fresh beginning. It starts over. Of course there is some baggage from last year. But overall, the start of a new year is the chance to start again.

It is a hope and a promise. There is a hope, a chance, that this year can be better than last year. Things that were wrong last year can be right this year. There is a hope that I can be a better man, a better person, more like the person I envision myself to be, than I was last year.

There is a hope that I can be a better Christian and walk more closely with Christ than I did last year.

The new year is like a fresh snowfall. Everything feels white and clean. It is a promise that anything can happen.

In many ways the new year is like sitting down to a fresh chess board. Everything is on the table and everything is in play. The game is full of possibilities. Nothing is written yet.

Friends, make this year a good one. In the providence of God, go into the year and let people see you as what you are... disciples of Christ. Love each other as Christ's disciples. Be light in the world and not darkness. Let this year be a good one for the people around you because you are in it. Make it count. As John Piper says, "Don't waste your life."


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