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Saturday, December 25, 2010

We Remember ...

It is Christmas Day 2010 as I write these words. It is a good day of the year. It is a day when we remember the coming into the world of the Lord Jesus Christ, the baby born in Bethlehem. We call him the "Lord" Jesus because He is the Lord our God. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He is the God-man, the second Person of the Holy Trinity. He is the one who lived a sinless life to satisfy God's demand for perfection and who shed his blood on the cross to purchase our remission of sin. He is our Savior. He is the God who came to earth to do for sinners what they could not do for themselves. Today, we remember His incarnation into the world.

But before I end this blog post, I want to remember a few others also.

I served 20 years in the United States Air Force. I didn't have a combat job. Far from it. I was a surveyor, draftsman and a construction inspector. In the Air Force they called us "engineering assistants" or "EAs" for short. I was never in harm's way during my 20 years. But lots of my friends were. And I spent more than a few Christmas' away from my family and friends because of places I was stationed.

Today, there are American heroes, our servicemen and women who are away from their families this Christmas Day. We want to remember them too. For many of them Christmas is another day for them to try and make it to the end without being hurt or killed. For a lot of them it is another day of guard duty or patrols or routine duties far from home. They risk it all away from home so that we can be safe in our homes. Remember them too. My son is one of them, PFC Stephen A. Sneed, US Army. He serves at Ft. Carson, Colorado.

And while we are talking about American heroes, let's remember just a few others. While we celebrate Christmas in our warm homes, there are police officers in their cars, firefighters in their station houses and EMTs standing by, working around the clock to keep us safe where we live. Crime and catastrophes know no holidays. Neither do the dedicated people who work to keep us secure. Remember them too. I used to be one of those too. Officer John Sneed, Badge 103, Snyder Police Department, Snyder, Nebraska.

We remember Christ first of all, above all else. But let's now forget those who serve us far from home, under life threatening conditions. I hope with all my heart, that when the sun rises tomorrow, that we all had a "Merry Christmas" 2010.