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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Whosoever Will ... A Story

I knew a guy once who was a real wretch, by religious standards. If there was ever a candidate for reprobation (being unelect and outside the saving grace of God), this guy was one of them. There were no redeeming qualities that were apparent to anyone who knew him. But as with all things, his style of living eventually took a toll on him and he contracted a disease for which there is no current cure. It was killing him.

At the end of his life, his family members became concerned for his soul and told him of his sins and this man became greatly fearful of facing the wrath and judgment of God. He knew what kind of life he had lived and he knew the things he had done and he indicated to his family that he wanted to know how he could die and not have to fear God's wrath.

His family only knew one preacher who would spend time talking to this man ... so they called me. They told me he was on his death bed and would die that very day. The man's voice was gone so we had to communicate by me saying something and he would blink his eyes to indicate that he understood or agreed.

I reviewed his sins and he freely admitted to the things he had done and he knew he stood under the just wrath of God. He knew if he died without forgiveness then he would rightly spend eternity in the eternal lake of fire. All this he knew and admitted. Then I told him about how God came to the earth and died a criminal's death, taking on himself the punishment for sin that was rightly due to sinners and that every sinner who turned to that God-man believing that he died for him (the sinner) personally that sinner would find the forgiveness of sins and peace with God.

He indicated that he understood and (I certify) that with his next to last breath on this planet, he indicated that he had looked to Christ and found the forgiveness he was looking for. He died after his next breath and died at peace.

We humans do not know who God's elect people are. We don't know when or how God will choose to call them to Himself. Our job is to be faithful to preaching the good news of the forgiveness of sins through the shed blood and finished work of Jesus Christ. And do know this .. that every person, no matter how bad we judge them to be, every person who looks to Christ alone finds the forgiveness of sins and has peace with God. Truly the scriptures speak when they tell us "Whosoever may come and drink of the water of life freely."

This story I have told you is true. I am usually skeptical of deathbed conversions. But it is not my place to judge those who have professed faith in Christ as their savior. This man died assured of forgiveness and I told his family that God promises that every person who comes to him is received of him. God is good and He calls sinners everywhere to repent and turn to Christ alone as their one and only hope for salvation. And every sinner who comes, whosoever will, will have eternal life and favor with God.


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