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Monday, March 26, 2007

I Sometimes Worry

Sometimes, I really do. I believe in the sovereignty of God over history. I believe everything is working out according to God's ultimate plan for all things. I really do. Still, I worry sometimes. I think about my children and their children.

I worry because I see apostasy and defection everywhere in the Christian Church. Where there is not apostasy there seems to be mendacity, mediocrity, and apathy. Scandals of money, sex, and leadership seem to be almost daily fare in the news. Heresy abounds. In fact, I believe every ancient heresy can be found today, to be preached in evangelical pulpits in the United States. Experiential Christianity (if it can be called that) is everywhere, but Biblical Christianity is more rare than the old two dollar bills.

More than the challenges from inside the Church are the challenges from outside. The homosexual rights movement is gaining victories on a regular basis. Liberalism is on the rise. Scandals in politics (at every level) are daily fare in the news. It is almost as hard to find an honest politician as it is to find a biblical preacher. There are wars and rumors of wars. Terrorism is a constant worry. Laws to fight terrorism are being passed but they also seem to infringe on our rights as Americans. It seems sometimes that we are our own worst enemy. Schools are dumbing down and even the best schools are hostile to the Christian religion.

Beyond all this, studies show that many Christians in the United States are (essentially) biblically illiterate. The faith once and for all delivered to the saints is not being passed on to our children. Sometimes, it is not being passed on to the members of my generation. And for all this, the current generation of Christian leaders are aging and beginning to find their way into the presence of the Lord they have served. They are dying and going home to heaven. There seems to be so few coming behind them who are qualified to take their place ... so few.

So, I worry sometimes. What kind of world will my children grow into? Will they be ready to be the Christian leaders of their generation? Did we do well (or well enough) in preparing them? Jesus promised He would build His Church. But will our children and their children be ready for the persecution and marginalizing of Christianity that will certainly come one day? Is there anything we can do better before our generation passes off the scene completely (if the Lord should tarry)?

I think about all this stuff from time to time. And yes ... sometimes I worry.


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