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Thursday, June 29, 2006

In the mid 1990s I was privileged to attend one of the Midwest Founder's Conference meetings in Missouri. I was pastoring in Nebraska at the time. This particular meeting was held at First Baptist Church of Harvester. One of the things about the meeting that stood out in my mind was when the music leader for the conference spoke of how some of the greatest hymns in history were written by pastors. Since most of us at the conference were pastors, he challenged us to write hymns. Now, I am somewhat of a poet and took his challenge to heart. On the way home, somewhere along I-70 before Kansas City, I wrote a hymn.

In the original version, I wrote 5 verses, but the man who put the thing to music took the 5th verse and made it the chorus. I needed to meter the words so I picked a very old hymn whose music I was sure was in the public domain. I took the words back to a later Founder's Conference meeting and in 2000, the pianist at First Baptist Church of St. Peters, Missouri put the whole thing to music. Since that time it has been sung and used. Several people have asked me for the words, so I thought I'd include them here. Now they are there for everyone to see.

Soli Deo Gloria*
Wretched and naked I stood in sin and shame;
dead in my trespasses with none but me to blame.
Soli Deo Gloria, I sing before the throne;
Soli Deo Gloria, all glory to God alone.
Quickened by His Spirit, His Word pierced through my soul;
I saw that I was helpless to save and make me whole.
I cried out for God's mercy, He led me to a tree;
Jesus hung there broken, crucified for me.
Jesus only savior, He cleansed me by His blood;
By faith I am converted, help steadfast by His love.
*Soli Deo Gloria is Latin for "To the glory of God alone."
Soli Deo Gloria, copyright 2000 by John Timothy Sneed
Well there it is. The tune is the first and last lines of the hymn "The Church's One Foundation."
I hope seeing this is a blessing to you.


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