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I was born in Washington D.C. and raised in Laurel, Maryland. I served in the United States Air Force for 20 years then retired. Then God led me to become a pastor. I was converted to Christ in the summer of 1966. I enjoy the company of my wife, children and grandchildren. I live with my three cats Hobbs, Taz, and Chloe.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

I came home from church today chastened. Actually it wasn't really church, it was a Bible study. Let me explain. Since I resigned from my church at North Hill in Minot, I have taught Bible to a small study group on Sunday mornings. I always saw the group as a Bible study and not as a "church" or a "congregation." I prepared each Sunday as I would for any other small group Bible study. Granted, the group I meet with are all friends and the fellowship is outstanding, but still, to me, it was a study group. Until today. One of the brothers opened the meeting today in prayer. He thanked God for me. He thanked God for bringing a godly shepherd into the group. He thanked God for a shepherd who loved the sheep and would give his life for theirs. He went on in this way for several minutes. By the time he said "amen" I was suitable chastened. I had not thought of them that way. I had not thought of having such a responsibility of oversight over them such as he was attributing to me. I had not prepared for them like I would prepare to open the word of God on a Sunday when I was "preaching." I had not thought about loving them so much that I'd die for them. In short, I realized I was falling far short of the responsibility the Lord had put into my hands.

It is true that I have sent resumes out all over the United States looking for another church who will call me to that place to be their pastor. I have no doubt that sooner or later a church somewhere will call me to their pulpit. I don't know if I have a lot of time or a little bit of time left in Minot. But I know that God has given me the gift of a band of brothers and sisters who are looking to me to shepherd them for the time I have left. Now that I know that, I realize that I have to fulfill my ministry to the utmost of my ability for the glory of God. I went to that study this morning intending to be the teacher. I came home realizing that I had been the student. So, the Lord chastened me today. But it was a blessed lesson to learn.


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