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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Things are moving quickly. Those of you who follow this blog know that I resigned from my church effective just two weeks ago. In that time, let me tell you what I have done, and then I'll tell you what is happening now.

If you log onto the internet and go to the Google search engine, if you type in "Missouri southern baptist churches" (for example ... it could be any state) you will get a link to a site that lists every church in that state with a website. I have looked at every church website in almost every state and noted the ones that listed no pastor on staff or who listed an interim pastor on staff. This provided me a list of churches to send resumes to. As of today, I have just over 180 resumes out all over the United States.

Now, I have started to hear back from some of those churches. I have had several tell me that they have hired pastors and they are not in need of my resume. Several have sent me letters thanking me for being interested in their churches and telling me they will forward my resume to their search committees. However, two churches have contacted me already asking for more information. A church in Georgia and one in Missouri have asked for pictures of me (scary thought!) and for sermon tapes of my preaching.

This is very exciting for me. I believe it is too early in the process for either of these churches to be the one the Lord will call me to. (Although I would not presume to know what the Lord is thinking). But it is very encouraging to know that people are reading my resumes and that some are actually interested in me. It gives me hope that one day I will be the pastor of another Southern Baptist congregation. And that idea is both exciting and encouraging.


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