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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Poem

This is a little poem I wrote. It speaks of finding out how lost we were and God gave us life in Jesus. I hope you enjoy this.

God Saved Me

My blindness gone, my eyes can see,
no righteousness I find inside of me.
Nothing there that God might bless,
I am undone and hopeless and find no rest.
My sin is greater than I can bear,
my garment - the filthy rags that I wear.
O how can I be saved from this life of death?
My nature hates God and worships myself.

The Blessed God sends me the Word of Life,
Christ Jesus my savior, my God, my Light.
His horrible death and sinless years,
hold out the promises that dispel my fears.
Through Christ alone my sins are forgiven,
I am a child of God now fitted for heaven.
I'm an adopted son, a priest and a king!
Amazing Grace is the song that I sing!

When I was helpless God came to my aid,
and scooped me up out of the miry clay.
He brought me to life when I was dead in my sin,
He opened my eyes and called me to Him.
He showed me Lord Jesus - the Fairest of all,
by His love and His will picked me up from my fall.
Christ satisfied fully God's wrath against me,
By faith alone in Christ alone I have life abundant and free.

Author: John T. Sneed (February 19, 2008).


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