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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Evil on the Loose

Many years ago when I lived in Nebraska, I was the vice president of our local pro-life group. I did then and still do consider abortion to be a great evil that is loose in our land. I do not believe that we can do enough to see abortion erased from the laws of our country. Killing babies, for any reason, is a great moral evil.

But I have become aware of another evil loose in the land. This one is every bit as depraved and corrupt as abortion. But it is one that has not gained the kind of attention that the abortion issue has gained. It is the evil of human slavery, especially the slavery of women and girls to be used in the international sex trade. Let me be more clear. There are women and girls who are being kidnapped from their home countries, or enticed to "volunteer" to be taken from their homes with the promise of jobs and better lives ... who end up being transported across international borders to be used in seedy sex shops in other countries. Much to our national shame, the United States is the recipient of a good percentage of these sex slaves each year. One article I read had the number as high as 30,000 women and girls a year.

But I tell you friends, even 1 is too high a number. This is not a conservative problem. It is not a liberal problem. It is neither Republican nor Democrat. It is a moral problem and therefore, it is a Christian problem. It is a well known quote that "all that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." Let me suggest a few actions that a concerned person could easily take.

1. Learn about the problem. Ignorance is strength to evil. Knowledge is the power to make changes. Become knowledgeable. 2. Write your senators and congressmen. Tell them you expect to see action taken to make it harder to smuggle women and girls out of and into the United States and that you expect to see harsh penalties enacted for those who do such things. 3. Write the President and tell him you would like to see this problem mentioned in a major speech so that bad guys both inside and outside the US know that the highest authorities in America are aware of what is happening. 4. Preach or teach about this evil in your church. Teach your people what the term "righteous anger" means.

Evil gets by because people do not like to get involved and so evil deeds are rarely confronted. But evil works best in darkness. The more evil is exposed, the harder it is for it to continue "business as usual." We are Christians my friends, we are lovers of truth and we are light in the world. Let's turn our light onto a modern day evil that ought never to be allowed to continue to exist.


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