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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Roaring Lion Seeking to Devour

The devil is described in scripture as a roaring lion going to and fro seeking for someone to devour. This is a seriously true statement. Satan, I think, does not seem to bother those Christians and those churches that do not seem to be bothering him.

But there are churches and Christians that are strong in the things of God. They are busy for the kingdom and are people of prayer, of scripture and united in the love of Christ. It is these churches that would be the targets of the devil's schemes.

Paul says we are not ignorant of the devil's devices. We need to look among us (yes, the greatest attacks on the church have come from within), and look for evidences of the devil's work. Beloved, hear me. Slander, gossip, rumors, anger, pride, self centeredness, hard hearts, frustration, and so on ... these are the tools of the devil. Recognize them for what they are. Our God is Light and in Him is no darkness at all. Beware then of things done in the dark. Secret meetings, back room deals, cover ups and so forth ... these are not the tools of one who is walking in fellowship with the Light. These are the tools that will tear up a church.

So, what do we do? Learn what these tools are and purpose in our hearts to have nothing to do with them. We are ambassadors of Christ, not tools of Satan. When you see a brother or sister falling into one of them, confront them about it and remind who they are emulating at that moment. Pray for your brothers and sisters and always look for ways to enlarge your heart with love towards them. The tools of the devil find it hard to gain a foothold in a loving heart.

Churches are to be known for the quality of the love that Christians have for one another. This will never be so long as we give Satan free reign among us to use his tools on us. Sooner or later, someone ... maybe you ... has to stand up and say "Devil, you're not using me! You'll find no foothold in my heart!" I pray you'll make that commitment now.


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