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Friday, September 15, 2006

I Made It!

We arrived in Davenport on the afternoon of the 3rd of September. I have determined to set money aside so that if I ever move again, I can pay someone to do it for me. About 20 people from the church arrived at my house on Monday morning and unloaded the moving truck in about an hour and forty five minutes. (It took us two days to load it).

Aleta and a family friend have turned the house quickly into a home and we have settled in nicely. Our cats are still trying to figure out what happened. But they are adjusting well. I had the Internet turned on today and here I am updating what is going on.

The church is great! We had nearly 200 people in attendance last Sunday morning. This week, we have seen one young man accept Jesus and several others are preparing to join the congregation. The church lists a membership of 187, but we should soon exceed 200 members. God has blessed us so much since our arrival. We have faced a few frustrations. These Iowans (I am speaking of the powers that be who run the city) do things very differently than the folks back in Minot. It does take some getting used to.

Now that we have hung out our shingle (so to speak) and started to work, I covet your prayers. More than half the congregation is over 60 years old. Many are much older. Pray I will have the wisdom to lead such people and at the same time reach younger people so we can see the church growing for the future.

Personally, to all who helped me out in Minot and others who held us up in prayer, thank you very much. I would not be here without you all.

Now, off to the work...


Blogger Baptist Girl said...

Hey John,
I'm glad everything is falling into place as you begin your future with your new church family. May God bless you all, with growth in the Master's leading. As I have always said since I have known you, your a man that loves the Lord with all your heart.

In Christ

4:22 PM  

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