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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sunrise on a New Day

I have often compared a pastor's time in a church to a day. There is a sunrise and a sunset. When I first started this blog I spoke of the sun having set on my ministry time in Minot, North Dakota. And so it has. By many signs, God made it clear that my time here as a pastor at North Hill Baptist Church had come to an end.

But it is said that when God closes one door He opens another. For me that other door was shown to me last weekend when I travelled to Davenport, Iowa to preach for the congregation of New Life Baptist Church. This was a very gracious congregation who treated me and my son like minor royalty while we were there. They were far more kind to us than we deserved to have them be. While I was there, I heard no one make any negative comments about me being considered for their pastorate. I left with a really good feeling about them.

I have been in prayer all week. Yesterday, the head of their search committe, Brother Dave, called me to remind me that they would call me today (Sunday, August 13th) and tell me if they voted to hire me. I didn't tell the fine brother that my every thought all week was centered on their call to me today around noon.

Just before noon today, Brother Dave called to say that, by a 96% majority, the church had voted to offer me their pastorate. I had already been in much prayer about it and felt that there were many advantages to me and my family by making this move. I accepted their call. So, as of noon today, the sun has risen on a new day of ministry for me.

During the time I have been searching for a church to pastor, many friends have held me and my family up in prayer. To all of you who read this. You have been most kind to think of us and keep our names in the ears of God. I thank you all very much.

Now, I covet new prayers. I have a new congregation. No doubt there will be much to learn. This is a different kind of church than any I have pastored in the past. It will push me to grow and to become more than I am. Pray for me, that wisdom, purity of life and humility at the task will be my possessions. Pray for New Life Church, that God will grant them graciousness in living through my voibles and stumbling as I learn and settle into this new ministry. Pray that we might be a light of truth and of faith to the people of Davenport and the midwestern United States. We have a great God, pray we will believe Him for great things.

Again, I thank all of you for your help and support. May God bless you all.


Blogger Baptist Girl said...

Praise the Lord!!!!! I am so thrilled for you and your family John. I will kep you all in prayer for the months ahead. There's nothing like a new beginning. Like the proverbs say Every end is a new beginning, They got themselves a good man!!

Love Cristina

I have a great big smile I'm my face, joy for you *S*

4:36 PM  

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