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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Simple Theological Quiz

Let's see how well you have been taught theology in your church. Can you answer the following questions?

Define the following terms:


Explain the following doctrines:

Hypostatic Union
Scripture Alone
Original Sin

Can you tell someone how to be saved? Can you explain how Christians use the Law of God? Can you tell why Scripture alone is sufficient for the Christian? Can you explain how your church baptizes and why? Can you explain how Jesus fulfills the offices of prophet, priest, and king? Could you defend the deity of Jesus Christ from scripture? Could you explain and defend the eternal security of the genuine believer?

Off the top of your head, can you outline or tell the biblical accounts of the fall? Of the Great flood? of the arrest, trial, and crucifixion of Christ? of the resurrection of Christ? of David and Bathsheba?

It is not my intention to answer all these questions in this blog post, but rather to get you to thinking. Most of these questions could be easily answered by a mature believer. Some (maybe many) could be answered by growing believers. But these are things that are important to understand to gain a foundation of the Christian faith. Please note ... these are not intended to be all inclusive. YOU may be able to think of things that you think are foundational. Fine. I freely admit the ones I named above are not all there is. I did not mention the church, or the place of good works, or many other important topics. But I have tried to get you to think. If you have trouble answering the ones I named, you may want to reassess the training you have been given.

I am convinced that many people go through their Christian lives with little or no growth. They are converted into being a baby Christian and when they die they are still a baby Christian. Can you answer the questions above? If not, why not? Isn't it time you thought about it?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your last paragraph seems to imply that intellectual understanding of faith is required for religious growth, which is a problematic claim.

Though admittedly, it appears reasonable to wonder where their priorities are if they haven't even read scripture to a degree that would enable them to provide basic answers to most of those questions. (Perhaps that is all you are claiming?)

8:44 PM  
Blogger mel said...

I think the point of this post -- and I loved it -- was to get Christians thinking and to be ready to defend their faith at any time. It's not a bad thing for us to use theological words in our conversations with people. It's much more appealing to me than always focusing on feelings, methodology and programs. I think it does make a difference in what we believe and do. If we truly believed in the total depravity of man and the necessity of the complete atoning work of Christ on the cross, then our humility and appreciation for grace would be greater. It would increase our intimacy with God in worship which leads to higher levels of private study and devotion which leads to increased corporate activity. Great circle to be in -- and great post, thanks.

3:00 AM  
Blogger WatchingHISstory said...

Can you tell someone how to be saved?

Oh easy one! Well first you are dead in sin and trespasses. You have to . . . You have to believe. . . well, no you are dead. OK, you have to repent . . .hey, how can you repent if you are dead?

Gosh, that is a hard one.
I'll answer the easy one.
Hypostatic Union is what you get when you stick a fork in a wall outlet.

Charles Page

1:03 PM  

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